Philadelphia Phillies Scott Franzke Autograph Ticket



The voices of the Phillies TOM MCCARTHY & SCOTT FRANZKE are coming to Carl’s Cards on Saturday, Dec. 10th from noon-2pm!

Autographs are $20 each or 2/$35. Inscriptions are $10 each.

We can’t wait to have some bedlam at CCC!

If you’re unable to attend the signing, but would like to mail in, drop off or place an order, our deadline for all pieces is Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 5pm. When mailing an item in or dropping something off, please either include payment when you mail in/drop off, or purchase ticket(s) through our website and note in the comment section what item(s) you will be sending in or when you’ll be dropping off. Payment must be included for return shipping.

Please contact our store directly with any questions at 610-789-4996.