12 Days of CCChristmas Advent Calendar



THEY’RE BACK! 12 Days of CCChristmas Advent Calendar
Countdown the 12 days until Christmas with this advent calendar featuring a pack of sports cards each day!
Each day open a new pack of cards from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Pokemon, WNBA, NASCAR, Wrestling & More. Each box also includes a surprise autographed card and coupon! Coupons can be valid for 10% off next purchase, 10% off packs, 10% off signed jerseys, etc. Be on the lookout for the golden ticket in one of these boxes, which gives you one free autograph ticket in 2024 to a CCC signing of your choice!
$75 each (+$10 shipping)
If you’re picking it up, please stop in to purchase or call the store to order, 610-789-4996, so you don’t pay the $10 for shipping.
Limited quantity, while supplies last.