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  • Wednesday 4th of September 2013

    Football Sundays

    Who doesn't love watching their favorite football team on Sundays? I love relaxing on a Sunday to watch so many football games, I've even got a few teams I root for. Sometimes I wonder how I made it through spring and summer without it?? The only thing that makes football Sundays better is a reason to root for a winner in every game! With our "The Picks" contest, you can do just that! All you have to do is choose a winner for each game being played that week and if you have the most wins, you'll win a totally awesome prize! Below, you'll find the official rules for this contest. If you have any questions, just email me,! To make it a little bit more interesting, my dad and I also participate every week; for bragging rights against each other of course! Is it Sunday yet?

    “The Picks” Official Rules

    ·      Every Monday starting at 11am that week’s form will be available.

    ·      Every form must be submitted by no later than 8pm Thursday of that week, no exceptions.

    ·      Entrant must circle one winner for each NFL game that week.

    ·      As a tiebreaker, provide combined points for that week’s Monday Night game.

    ·      Entrant with the most correctly picked wins for each game will be that week’s winner.

    ·      All prizes must be picked up in store by that next Thursday at 8pm.

    ·      If the prize is not picked up, it will be forfeited and added to the following week’s prize.

    ·      Each week we will offer a different prize, which will be listed at the top of the form.

    ·      In the event of a tie for correctly picked wins, it will go to the person with the closest amount of points without going over from the Monday Night game.

    ·      You must submit our form as your official entry. You cannot submit picks without our form.

    ·      You must select a winner for each game (including Thursday, Sunday & Monday)

    ·      If you do not select a winner for each game, you will be given a loss for that game.

    ·      You can request a form via email and email your picks back on the form.

    ·      Picking up and submitting forms in store is preferred.

    ·      We will accept no phone calls regarding picks or filling out forms.

    ·      No one person may win more than 3 times in the course of one football season.

    ·      GOOD LUCK!

    Send any and all questions to