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  • Thursday 21st of June 2012

    Mr. Hockey comes to Havertown

    We’ve had a lot of really big name players walk through the door of Carl’s Cards. They’ve signed autographs, shook hands with their biggest fans and sometimes even taken pictures. But this Saturday those names will be blown out of the water when Mr. Hockey walks through the door. And that is not to say that having Mr. Cliff Lee twice, DeSean Jackson, Hunter Pence, Claude Giroux, Robin Roberts, Gale Sayers and many more aren’t someone to turn your head at. But depending on whom you’re talking to, Mr. Hockey could be the greatest hockey player of all time.

    When Gordie Howe gets out of the car on Saturday he will be greeted by some of hockey’s biggest fans. For one day, we will all put our hockey allegiances aside and look to the legend that has played that game like so few can. The story, the history, the background, it all makes for the greatest signing to ever take place at Carl’s Cards. He is a true legend and not one person can argue that. And for us, the staff of Carl’s Cards to host this legendary signing will easily be the most impressive one on our resume.

    Steve Harris, who always sits with the players during signings, joked on Facebook on Wednesday that he’ll have the best seat in the house. But that is no joke. He will sit next to a man that will forever go down as one of the greatest players to ever put on the skates. It will be a great day for the employees of Carl’s Cards. We work tirelessly during ever signing to make it great, but I have a funny feeling this signing will need no help. Mr. Hockey is coming to Havertown.