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  • Monday 27th of June 2011

    Bastardo's Bastids

    At first glance you might not realize that he's a pitcher with an ERA of 0.96 and he has yet to lose a game, but Antonio Fransico Bastardo greeted, signed and thanked the fans who came out in support of his future career with the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Arriving a few minutes late due to traffic, the fans didn't seem to mind waiting for the 3-0 pitcher who rarely does public appearances.  With his blue plaid shirt on and sunglasses that sat on the top of his head throughout the signing, he didn't speak much, possibly due to a language barrier.  The Dominican Rebublic native understood Spanish when a fan showed off her Spanish speaking skills.

    He thanked fans that wished him the best of luck with the rest of his career, but for the most part he kept to himself while signing.  I have to say one thing, he did smile in every photo I saw him take, which is somewhat unusual.  Most athletes can barely crack a smile for the people that support them the most.

    Bastardo reminds some of a future JC Romero, to some that is a terrible thing, but to those who liked Romero, that is a great thing.  Romero would have loved to have the numbers Bastardo has.

  • Tuesday 7th of June 2011

    PSU Philly Phan (Lauren Henderson)

    His personality is something rare in the professional sports industry.  He embraces kids like they are his own and will listen to everyone and their story.

    Ian Lapperiere may not play hockey anymore, but he certainly still has a love for the game and the fans still have a love for him.

    Checking tickets and watching him interact with fans, you wonder how one guy can slip through the cracks and remember where he came from and appreciate all the game has given him?

    A terrible injury has cut his career short and almost every fan asked him if he’d be back.  And his answer was always the same, “I would love to play again.” But he knows if he risked playing and suffered another injury, he could be risking his life.

    Lappy as known by most fans, has two children of his own, both boys and he wants to see them grow up and be there for them and his wife. Can you blame him?

    Between signing pucks, pictures and mini helmets, Lappy talked about his love for the game and how badly he wished he could put skates on again. But unfortunately he feels the worst when he is on the ice, due to the intense lights.

    The last time we had Lappy at the store, he had a great time making fun of me and that I was the boss of the store, and it only took a short amount of time for him to remember me this time and pick right up where he left off.

    But his personality is something I’ve seen in only a hand full of other athletes. Every fan who encountered him tonight, felt that same way.

    The comfort level he has with everyone is amazingly different. Every fan was greeted like they were his No. 1 fan.

    There is something about him that leaves an impression with me and wishes he could put skates on again, because the industry could use more guys like him.