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  • Monday 29th of April 2013

    "The Bull"

         1980 World Series Champion and 4x All Star. Greg “The Bull” Luzinski was in store on April 27 and the topic of conversation was .. the NFL draft. That’s right, “The Bull” is quite the football fan. As soon as he came in he wanted to make sure it was on TV so he didn’t miss a pick. He talked to us about who the Eagles drafted and what we thought.

         Greg is another player that is very comfortable here at CCC. When we walked in, he came right over to the signing table, where I was sitting and sat right down next to me. At the time, I was organizing the Reading Fightin Phils game that we are sponsoring in May and he was very intruiged as to what I was doing. It’s always great when the player enjoys being there. It makes for a guarnteed great encounter for the customers who come out and that’s what’s important.

  • Monday 29th of April 2013

    "The Hammer," is there a better nickname?

         Dave “The Hammer” Schultz visited the store for his second time a few weeks ago and what a character he is.  We host a ton of autograph signings with Philly legends and like I said about our Carmichael signing, it is the stories that make those signings priceless. Telling us about winning the Stanley Cup and of course about the many fights he got into, certainly one of the originial Broad Street Bullies.
         Dave has come to really enjoy his signings here at CCC. It’s great when I see a player really comfortable with walking into the store and right to the back to talk to Carl and mesmorize about all the inventory in the store. Dave is quite the businessman himself. Knowing what things are worth and commenting on some of the one of a kind items we have.
         He enjoys seeing what the fans bring to have him sign, including some old newspaper clippings, pennants and of course hammers. To me, he has one of the coolest nicknames from the Flyers. This nickname has certainly stuck with Dave as well. He signs it right in the middle of his name on everything and the varation of hammers he signs is very interesting.

  • Monday 29th of April 2013

    Harold Carmichael does not tolerate "legalized graffiti."

         I apologize for the delay on my Harold Carmichael blog post from our autograph signing. We all know about those times when there is just so much going on.
         It was fantastic having an Eagles legend in store with us at CCC. I love when the player shows up earlier and we have the opportunity to chat with them for a little bit. In this case, Harold, myself and Carl (my dad) stood by the front door and as Harold looked around, he started to comment on player’s autographs. It was hilarious and unfortunately true. He was taking a look at current Flyers player’s autographs and called it “legalized graffiti.”
         He said how important it is for fans to be able to read your signature. “Your name is your most important thing,” he said. He even told us that he’s talked to a few current Eagles about their autographs and how important it is. Some his speech has worked on, others well, not so much.
         The signing itself was fantastic. It’s great to hear about the stories of when he played and who were his teammates. I think that’s one of the main reasons people really enjoy coming to signings. Having a chance to chat with the player and hear those stories and learn about how much the game has evolved. Mail order and drop offs are great options for signings, but in person is by far the best.