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  • Monday 18th of February 2013

    Year of the Snake

         The Chinese Zodiac says 2013 is the year of snake, but at Carl’s Cards it is the year of the fantastic autograph guests!  After the Duce Staley signing on Feb. 9, I love how awesome our recent guests have been in the store. Between Jeremy Roenick, Gary Dornhoefer to Duce Staley, they are all so great and you truly feel they like being there and greeting their fans.  It is very easy to tell when a guest is there because he views it as a payday, but we have gotten very lucky so far in 2013. These guests are genuine and appreciate what the fans do for their team.
          I have checked tickets for more signings than I can even count.  I watch the encounters between our customers and the autograph guest and it always makes it that much better when the customers turns around with a huge smile on their face.  They spent money on this signing.  Sometimes, it is much more for one than another, but that’s the business.  And it is so reassuring when the guest gets it.  When they understand how the whole process works and in the end it comes back full circle and benefits the player.
          There are only a few guests we have had that have been absolutely dreadful, but for the most part they all enjoy meeting the die hard Philadelphia fans. But it’s the few that really make the moment enjoyable that I wonder why they all can’t be like that. To know that these fans have given their sweat, blood and tears for this team and all they ask for in return is to have a positive experience after paying money to meet you.
          But 2013 has started off as the year that seems as though some of gotten it. We will see what the rest of the year brings, but it is off to a great start at CCC.