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  • Wednesday 19th of December 2012

    A Gift For Carl

        Not a Christmas season goes by without me being asked, “What do you get your dad for Christmas?” It’s not a weird question, he’s the biggest sports fan I know, so you would think the question would be easy to answer. But this sports fan also has access to almost any collectible, autograph, jersey, card and anything else you can think of. Which is where the difficulty begins. Getting him an autographed Claude Giroux puck is a little strange when he has one for sale in the store.
        But this year I happened to come across a Shoeless Joe rookie card for sale on ebay. I texted my dad telling him about it. The bids were already over $3,000, which placed this item way out of my price range. He texted me back “Babe Ruth auto.” I was confused by the text, but later learned that was his way of telling me what he wanted for Christmas. Finally! There it was. An answer to the question so many customers have jokingly asked me for years. One thing in this world I could buy him that his access to was limited! I know how ridiculously priced Babe Ruth autographs are, most of which have faded so badly, that you can only hope it was actually signed by him. I went to ebay to see what was for sale. The best looking autographed baseball I could find was a mere $45,000. For those of you who don’t know. I just graduated from Penn State in May and I do a ton of freelance work for various companies, but I am in the process of getting a full time job. So $45,000 is not exactly something I have laying around.
        I couldn’t help but joke with my mom about finally being able to buy dad a sports related item for Christmas. Not this year dad, but maybe one day. Hopefully, my autograph on a baseball will suffice for now.