Your Holiday Shopping Starts & Ends at Carl's Cards .. Trust Me

Tuesday 9th of October 2012

     Holiday shopping can be tedious, overwhelming, expensive and even sometimes a bit of a puzzle. There is always at least one person that you have no idea what to buy for. There is always someone who seems to have everything. Or that one person that you always buy the same thing for every year. Well I’m posing a new idea, stop into Carl’s Cards and change your holiday shopping. Our motto has always been “Your One Stop Shopping.” And there is no better a time for that than during the holidays, when everyone is so busy trying to accomplish all they have set out to do.
     Give Carl’s Cards a chance this year to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. We have a wide range of items, from different teams to different prices.
     Got a baseball fan to buy for? No problem, we have hundreds of autographed baseballs to choose from. Not looking to spend that much? Also not a problem. We have lots of bobble heads that are very reasonably priced. Big football fan to buy for? We have dozens of autographed mini helmets and 8x10 photos.
     No matter the sport or the price range, Carl’s Cards can help you make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier.
     We are literally your one stop shopping. We have all the latest in packs and wax boxes, supplies for all kind of cards and memorabilia. Multiple signed items, along with hundreds of single signed items. At least 90% of our autographed memorabilia comes right from the very autograph signings we have in our store. Every autographed item comes with a certificate of authenticity.
     We also offer custom framing! Only takes one week and can spice up even the dullest photo. It gives any photo some extra life and can become a great present for anyone!
     There is so much I want to include in this post for you to understand the variety that we offer, but I don’t want to drone on about it. Just stop in and see us.
     Give us a chance to show you how easy it can be to shop for the huge sports fan in your life! Even if you cannot make a decision on what to get, we offer gift cards of any denomination. But I’m willing to bet you will be satisfied with at least one thing when you stop in and see us.

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