The City of Schenn Brotherly Love

Thursday 28th of March 2013

    We have never had two players at one time for only one hour. There was uncertainty on our end about how this would play out. We knew how many people we could process in that time frame and that’s what we went with.
    As the people started to line up we knew that it was going to be busy, fast and good. From 6-7 p.m., Luke and Brayden met, greeted and signed autographs for the biggest of Flyers fans. From the littlest fan to the one that remembers the Stanley Cup Championship seasons, they all came out to see another set of Flyers Brothers cross through this franchise.
    We’ve had a father and son autograph signing with John Mayberry Sr. and Jr., we’ve had two best friends together for an autograph signing with Max Tablot and Bruno Gervais and now we’ve had two brothers. It was pretty intriguing to see how alike they are in person. Yet Brayden is right-handed and Luke is left-handed.
    It’s cool to have them on the same team and it’s interesting to see some fans gravitate towards Brayden and some towards Luke. Either way, it was another unique signing for us and we’re glad we were able to make it happen for our customers! The support from the customers I see time and time again is one of the best things about these autograph signings.

March 28th 2013 at 1:45 am
Great story, glad it was a success.

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