"The Bull"

Monday 29th of April 2013

     1980 World Series Champion and 4x All Star. Greg “The Bull” Luzinski was in store on April 27 and the topic of conversation was .. the NFL draft. That’s right, “The Bull” is quite the football fan. As soon as he came in he wanted to make sure it was on TV so he didn’t miss a pick. He talked to us about who the Eagles drafted and what we thought.

     Greg is another player that is very comfortable here at CCC. When we walked in, he came right over to the signing table, where I was sitting and sat right down next to me. At the time, I was organizing the Reading Fightin Phils game that we are sponsoring in May and he was very intruiged as to what I was doing. It’s always great when the player enjoys being there. It makes for a guarnteed great encounter for the customers who come out and that’s what’s important.

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