He's Here to Meet All of You

Friday 11th of January 2013

     Jeremy Roenick may have only played for the Philadelphia Flyers for a short period of time, but that didn’t matter. He left his mark on Flyers fans. He was intense, passionate, hard-hitting, demanding and a downright true hockey player. He left it all on the ice and in the city of Brotherly Love that is what we expect from every single player. So it is no surprise how quickly he became a fan favorite. When you went to a game between 2001-2005, the amount of Roenick jerseys you witnessed were second to none. And now that fan favorite will be here in Havertown, Pa. at your fan favorite sports store, Carl’s Cards.
      When J.R.’s book came out, we knew he would be on tour promoting it and jumped at the opportunity to not only bring him here and sell his books, but to more importantly give people the opportunity to get their sports memorabilia signed. This will be one of the signings that at the end of the year when I ask what your favorite one was for 2013, I have a feeling this one will be mentioned often. We have heard such fantastic things about J.R. during a signing and we are really looking forward to it and so should you. He is making a special trip to Philadelphia just for this signing. Don’t let all of his other apperances on TV and what not fool you, he is here to come to Carl’s Cards on Saturday Jan. 12 from 1-3 p.m.
      Saturday will be busy, but fun. Lots of Flyers fans converging on 22 W. Eagle Road to meet a player that fought as hard as we had all hoped our Flyers would. Whether you’re adding him to your piece of Flyers memorabilia or you need to purchase an item from us or buying his book and having him autograph it, it will be a great time. The men in black are back and what better way to celebrate than with J.R.!

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