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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Good Morning Sports Fans ☕️☕️

Saturday January 7, 2023

What a week, great job coming together, you all need to be commended #damarhamiln3 💙

💥🏀 The Sixers can’t win every game but last night showed a few holes when the Big Fella is not on the floor. First home loss in a long time but that’s ok. It’s time to get back to work tomorrow afternoon vs Pistons.

💥🏈 The Birds continue to play their cards close as they will not name Jalen Hurts as the starter.
Is he hurt worse then being reported, are they protecting him for the playoffs, are they that confident they can win without him? This fan is extremely concerned, they need QB1 to make this happen. Go Birds !!!

💥🏒 The Flyers now have a back up goalie in Samuel Errson, but wait maybe another trade chip.
Can they put a blockbuster trade together to get that scorer to go with what they have in place?
Maybe, just maybe 🤔

💥⚾️ As we close in on Spring Training/Pitchers-Catchers reporting in about a month, are the Phillies done making moves.

And what about Jim Salisbury announcing this week that he is leaving NBC Sports Philadelphia
What’s up, things are just getting good Jim.

It’s Saturday hours at Carl’s Cards & Collectibles 10-5 for all of you hard core collecting fans. We’ve been busy restocking most everything so stop in and see for yourself 👍

Have a great day and continue to prayer for #3 Damar Hamlin and his miraculous recovery, you got this 💙 Buffalo BILLS MAFIA

#thisfansview😎 #phillysports🎯