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January 4, 2021

Good Morning ☕️Monday 💥🏈Birds now that was a total embarrassment for both Eagles fans and football fans around the world. We don’t know if the Birds could have won that game, but we do know Coach went out of his way to make sure they didn’t. Did he want Washington to win the division, does he dislike the Giants that much or did he really want to play Nate Sudfeld that much? Nate was last seen holding beers for Nick Foles and Carson Wentz on the Championship float. I still can’t wrap myself around this and Coach owes the fans a much better answer or maybe Jeffrey Lurie says that’s it, I’ve seen enough. Does the league get involved and what could the punishment be for this ?? I was ok with Coach coming back next year with a much healthier team and some new players, but after this I’m not sure. Check out the random photo below of Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz, Jason Kelce and Dom, that’s Coach’s security guy back on the field after they showered and dressed. Photo was sent to me by Eagles fan Sean Waynant. This is going to be a very long off season for sure.

Flyers hockey is not far away to take my mind off the way the Birds season ended. Maybe Jeff Lurie needs to look at how the Flyers handled things, firing everyone just a few short years ago. But then again maybe Jeff Lurie is the new Jerry Jones. 😎 not the way I wanted 2021 to get started and I’m sure I don’t stand alone with all of this craziness….. Birds fans, can I hear from you ??